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Where are my dreamers at? As a dreamer myself, I have SUCH a heart for other dreamers, helping them see their potential, encouraging them to realize that their dreams aren’t crazy, that their ideas aren’t worthless, and pouring the same BELIEF into them that made me come alive. YOU can have a life fulfilled, friend! The opportunity is here for everyone… and while it’s a lot of work, it’s the BEST kind of work!!!! I am looking for some boss babe entrepreneurs to run with! Do you feel a tug that’s saying, “YES!!!!” Or maybe your cue is that your first thought is, “I could never do that!” I’m here to tell you... YOU CAN. And not only CAN you, but I want to walk with you and witness the ways you dig in, take off, and BELIEVE in your dreams again!

why my team

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together we can

as an ocean rises, so do we

I can remember being a little girl and you know the free soaps and shampoos you get when you stay in a hotel? I skipped the lemonade stands and went straight for the hotel soaps. I can remember my little table in front of my house selling these and also painted acorns from my yard. Yesterday I read a post from my friend Jami talking about how she sold rocks to the neighbors from their own yard and I had this lightbulb. There is an ocean of us. Of women.. who as little girls already had it in us. The dreamer, the entrepreneur. It has been there all of my life, and instead of letting fear shame me, I released myself from those fears.

We are changing the narrative. I have linked arms with so many women that inspire me like wild - women with tremendous influence (and I don’t mean just online) I mean in their homeschool groups and churches and their daughters ballet classes. Friends who see what they are doing and want to be apart of it. There is no shame in MLMs. There is no shame in changing your family’s story or sharing products that make stories better. What if this opportunity could be the bridge to your big dream? Its a lot of work and hours but the best best kind: helping people. Ask yourself, would all the work be worth it? If you’re ready to do this, I’m ready to do it WITH you, alongside you, running with you!

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let’s do this

you’re ready

I am so excited to link arms with you friend!! This isn’t for everyone, but if you feel the pull or the spark to do this.. I’m already here and ready for you!! This form below in intended for people who are *not* pursuing a Young Living business currently and have NEVER signed up with YL.

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There is never any pressure within our team, if you want to run a successful business, it is absolutely your choice friend!! If you prefer to simply love the products and not pursue this, that is great too!! Thats the beauty, there is a spot for everyone! Just know that we want you to feel comfortable, informed, and well equipped when you choose our team!