casey leigh wiegand

casey leigh wiegand



Since as long as I could remember I have dreamed of being a mama. It's an absolute dream come true to have these precious kiddos to love and care for. 


Knowing im choosing this path for my family makes my heart literally swell! My journey with oils started 3 years ago in August when we had lost our 3rd baby and I was sent down a path I NEVER expected. We began our journey into being conscious about what was in our products, our water, our home. We switched products in our house (if you don't have the think dirty app yet- get it 😳) , fell in love with oils and changed our life 🌿❤️.

I had no idea how much I was missing out on and couldn't be MORE grateful to where this path has lead me! I'm the rank of Royal Crown Diamond and our beautiful team has now over 75,000 people in our community 🦄! Pinch myself that I get to share these clean, safe products with precious families everyday! It feels like a big sweet family 🌿🙌 It's my heart and goal to equip our team with education and also on the business side.



"She blogs at Casey Leigh where  you can expect pieces of her perspective on life, faith, kids, loss, marriage, with touches of art, creative inspiration, projects and things she loves along the way. "