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From mother nature's nursery to yours!
This is INCREDIBLY exciting -- we have a whole new line of products for the Babies!!!

The Seedlings line is a great addition to KidScentsand other products our moms love to to make us a #onestopshop.

Not to mention, Insect Repellent, Sunscreen and so many more amazing products...DO NOT miss our album of each products + detailed info in my Facebook group.  ( click here)


This. Diffuser. Is. Gorgeous. It turns colors in the most beautiful way and is a fantastic diffuser to have in every season - at Christmastime, in the springtime, and every time in between!! Who wants this in their living room??? AND -- it includes a 10 hour run setting!!!!
Young Living’s Desert Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser functions as a humidifier, atomizer, and aroma diffuser in one simple-to-use product. Inspired by the design of a stylish Moroccan trellis, the Desert Mist Diffuser brings an exotic and modern look to any space. It also helps support a natural environment by replacing harmful household fragrance chemicals with naturally derived essential oils.
Using ultrasonic frequency technology, the Desert Mist Diffuser generates waves at 1.7 million per second, breaking down essential oils and water into millions of microparticles, dispersing them into the air, and releasing the oils’ unique constituents. This diffuser is custom designed to diffuse continuously for 5–6 hours on High mode, 8 hours on Low mode, and 10 hours on Intermittent mode.* It also offers 11 individual light settings, including a candle-like flicker mode.


The screams in the stadium could be heard far and wide when this was announced...because WE. HAVE. MAKEUP!!!!!!!!

What’s so great about these products is that they’re CLEAN! 

We’re talking:
No parabens
No talc
No bismuth
No nanoparticles involved in the titanium dioxide, so it can’t penetrate cells or get in our bloodstream!!!

Instead, this make-up line uses arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, jojoba oil, and other ingredients that nourish and benefit our skin while giving full coverage and a flawless makeup look!!!! A win-win!!!



"Okay lovely friends, this is a NEW, INTERACTIVE page to walk you through opening your NEW Starter Kit! 

We don't want any oils sitting un-opened on a shelf or any Starter Kits collecting dust. 

We are taking the intimidation away!!!!

+open your kit and walk through this page, we can do this together! 

+re-visit it often! 

My idea was to create something that is interactive with videos, that will help you guys feel less intimidated with your new kits!"

*password : teamcaseyleigh**

I am left town for a good chunk of June and these are the first few things that I put into my bag to pack!!

DiGize to support all the tummy things.
Thieves to support our immunity.
Lavender to support skin and basically all.the.things.
Stress Away, because ya know? travel.

Diffuser for the Hotel room (check).... also bringing all my fav diffuser combos to make it feel like home!

+ Cedarwood + Orange for sleep support
+ Joy + Tangerine
+ Stress Away + Citrus Fresh
+ Gentle Bbay + Jade Lemon + White Angelica
+ Thieves + Tangerine

These are the basic essentials!
AND in case you missed our whole class on travel + oils, check it out http://bit.ly/2oZphPg!






"SCHOOL READY" CLASS will be July 16, 8:00pm central-

we are super excited to make sure everyone is SCHOOL READY come August!

If you haven't enrolled in Essential Rewards yet, I strongly recommend it! 

Here is a new VIDEO allllll about ESSENTIAL REWARDS!!!!!

You get 10-20% back in points, you can purchase products that you would be buying anyways (shampoo, vitamins) while hitting that 100pv to get commissions, get discounted shipping and more!

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We had an EXCELLENT " NEW PRODUCTS " Class this month, just for any of you that are new around here!!! WELCOME! 

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HELLO, LOVELY RUTAVALA ROLL-ON!!!! We haven't had this oil for a year or more and it's still not available for purchase! The only way to get it is with your 250PV qualifying order this month! Yay!

The weather is warming up, and the days are getting longer—it’s the perfect time to pack in as much fun as possible! But between picnics, trips, and play dates, sometimes you need a break from summer break.

Sometimes I think back to the fact that I used to buy laundry soap and toothpaste and get nothing free, and it's so sad. Moment of silence for wasted dollars. Okay, silence over, what are we getting FREE with qualifying orders???

+Essentialzymes-4: Summer is always packed with plenty of picnics and barbecues. Take Essentialzymes-4 to keep up! This multispectral enzyme complex aids the digestion of fats, proteins, fiber, and carbohydrates. Take it with meals, especially those big ones with maybe less than ideal choices to help your body absorb nutrients and break food down easily.

+RutaVaLa Roll-On: Ready to relax at the pool? RutaVaLa combines Ruta (grown at our Ecuador farm), Valerian (praise hands), and Lavender (our grandma oil) for a calming aroma, and its roll-on packaging makes it easy to toss in your bag and use wherever you are! Some people find this one is their absolute ticket to good sleep and calming.

+15-ml Fennel: A busy summer schedule requires a little downtime. Spend some time reading or crafting with the grounding aroma of Fennel. Your time unwinding will help you feel refreshed and ready for the next adventure! Also useful for happy hormones and happy tummies.

+Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive
15-ml Thieves: After a long summer trip, the chaos of coming home can leave the house a mess. Diffuse the crisp, cozy aroma of Thieves to instantly refresh your space and make it feel like home again. Plus, Thieves on the feet every day in prep for the upcoming school year!

+Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive:
5-ml Lavender Vitality: Nothing says summer relaxation like lounging in the sun with a chilled glass of lemonade. Upgrade this classic drink with a drop of Lavender Vitality for a refreshing, sophisticated flavor!

Want to get the most bang for your buck! Essential Rewards is your ticket to even MORE FREE things every month.
Don't miss out!

HELLO, LOVELY RUTAVALA ROLL-ON!!!! We haven't had this oil for a year or more and it's still not available for purchase! The only way to get it is with your 250PV+ qualifying order this month! Yay!

ANDDDD you can snag it twice if you qualify for orders twice ( click here http://bit.ly/2uadu0f )

+RutaVaLa Roll-On: Ready to relax ?

RutaVaLa combines Ruta (grown at our Ecuador farm), Valerian (praise hands), and Lavender (our grandma oil) for a calming aroma, and its roll-on packaging makes it easy to toss in your bag and use wherever you are!

Some people find this one is their absolute ticket to good sleep and calming.

SUMMER CAMP BUTTERFLIES- anybody sending off littles to summer camp??!!

I spent 9 summers as a camper and 4 summers as a counselor...my parents met at camp on the Volleyball court and I met Chris officially at a camp reunion....so its been just a tiny part of our lives ;).

I was always a sensitive kiddo and would have tons of butterflies about being away from mom and dad. ENTER THIS BLEND!

and mama, you might want to use it too! Everyone can use a little extra emotional support.

This is the very blend that sold me on oils. I later them both individually every single day. I put 1-2 drops of joy on my wrists, rub them together then follow with valor.

+ JOY - The number one favorite for focusing on truly releasing sadness and feeling again the little moments all through our days that are what make us alive and full of purpose.

* Apply two drops to wrists, one drop over the heart
* GREAT in a roller with joy + grapefruit + bergamot
* wonderful diffused, joy + tangerine
This one is a must!

+ VALOR is a blend that is close to the heart of Gary and YL. The integrity of this valuable blend will always be of highest priority.
This is our bravery oil.
Our courage oil.
Our fortitude oil.
Use it to greet each morning with a positive attitude, and to refocus at the end of a challenging day.



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Children and Oils!!!

Listen here!

"Have you had a moment as a parent where you’ve paused because you weren’t sure about using essential oils with your kids? If so, this episode is for you. There is a lot of conversation around this topic and we wanted to join. We invited Dr. Lindsey Elmore and Royal Crown Diamond Debra Raybern onto Drop of Inspiration—both of whom are experts in their fields."


CHILDREN & Essential Oils- some GREAT information for you to listen through!!!!

Essential Oil Safety and KIDS https://www.periscope.tv/DoctorJimBob/1MYGNOajWObJw?

Essential Oils FOR kids - https://www.periscope.tv/DoctorJimBob/1YqJDjDRmnNKV?


also a few of our TEAM BOOKS! Created exclusively for YOU!!

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"Can't I just buy Essential Oils at The grocery store?"

Essential oils are not regulated therefore companies can put any filler or additive into what they call an “essential oil”. Most of what you will find at the grocery store is either another ingredient altogether or has toxic fillers in it.

When you are using essential oils on your body for any reason related to health or skincare, it is very dangerous to use these types of oils and can actually bring more harm. You can have reactions to these types of oils and they can make conditions worse.

Young Living has rigorous testing and standards for their oils.

No fillers are ever added to Young Living’s oils and no toxins are present. In fact, they don’t even use pesticides or herbicides on their crops or soil so that toxins won't be present. Anything that comes from a farm outside of Young Living’s farms must meet these strict standards as well. 

You can visit the Young Living farms anytime you want and see their methods of growth and testing. That’s how open they are about their purity.

You can see YL’s seed to seal promise on their website. “Seed to Seal” is not a slogan, it’s who Young Living is!

I personally wouldn't trust anyone else when it comes to my family!


*password : teamcaseyleigh**