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Products are LIVE under "Holiday & Seasonal!!!!!!

The long-awaited, much-anticipated 2017 Holiday Catalog is here!

Break out the Christmas Spirit in the diffuser, get your holiday shopping list ready, and let's talk about what we're ordering for ourselves, gifts, and more this holiday season! 

These items are likely to be out of stock very quickly so don't wait to order!

+ If you choose to add items to your ER order that hasn't processed please make sure that you click PROCESS NOW! Adding to your ER cart and not having your order go through until later this month does not ensure your items won't go out of stock!

+Almost all products you'll see have NO LIMIT (but YL could change that at any point). This means that you can snatch up as many as you'd like!

+But it ALSO means that everyone with a Young Living account can do the same. Moral of the story: ACT QUICKLY.

+Several things are temporary items for the holiday season, and they are NOT permanent. Usually, once they're gone, they're gone. If we're lucky, they may restock an item or two, but do not count on it. Everything is "while supplies last." Again, act quickly.

+Great news! The products will all be available in the US & NFR (Canada, holla!)

+Holiday Catalog Items can be purchased via Quick Order AND Essential Rewards Order! Cannot be purchased with ER points.
(If you are purchasing via ER, you will want to process your order right away using the "Process Today" button to ensure that an item does not go out of stock before your order goes through.)


+ As always, pay attention to PV. Not all items are "full PV" (for example, something may be $50 wholesale and 35 PV). PV is what you need in order to reach PV promos and to count for OGV. You are more than welcome to grab any products you like, but the ones with full PV earn you the most "bang for your buck," so be aware!

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Unique gifts for everyone in your life that will enhance their wellness and benefit them physically, emotionally, and mentally throughout the year!

As you peruse this beautiful collection of limited items, here are some important gifts to remember so you can be the hit of the holiday season!


May I personally recommend:

+ The oil-infused Ecuadorian chocolate which tastes incredible.

+ The chapstick set because it's the only way you can get Vanilla Mint Chapstick, our favorite.

+ The Red Bar set which is the only way each year to get Red Shot, my favorite for adding to Ningxia Red.

+ The Savvy Minerals Clutch because these makeup items will NOT be available once supplies are gone!

+ The White Light Tree Set because this is a limited blend that you will LOVE for scenting your home this season. One of my absolute favorites!

These items will ONLY be available while supplies last. You can purchase Quick Order or Essential Rewards but if you choose ER remember to “Process Now” so that your items don't go out of stock. You cannot purchase holiday products with ER points.


NEW Savvy Minerals!!! 

We are so excited to announce the preview of HOLIDAY colors, NEW Brushes (sold individually!!) and the long awaited MASCARA!!!!!!!!!!

What are you grabbing today?!
Available today:

+ 5 new individually sold brushes
+ Mascara (black only) - 1 per acct per month
+ Eye Shadow (Freedom)
+ Lipstick (Adore)
+ Lip Gloss (Maven)

CHECK OUT ALL the new products HERE--->


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Give the Gift of Wellness this year!

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